Sunday, 15 September 2013

Indestructible Hulk #13 Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Matteo Scalera & Kim Jacinto

This has been overall a very consistent series so far, as although like everything there are issues that are better than others, none have been bad. Mark Waid has also done a brilliant job of making some use out of the disappointing Age of Ultron storyline, with this story looking to become even more interesting.


Hulk continues his quest to correct the timeline, travelling to the 6th Century, encountering King Arthur, and his Knights, facing of against another Chronarchist named Valdar Ahd.


This was an outstanding issue, and this storyline is really starting to kick off now. Mark Waid just did an amazing job of this issue, and his work on Hulk in general has been astonishing. What I liked most about Waid's writing in this issue however was how well he managed to balance the pace of it, as well as having the right tone for the setting. I also loved how well Waid once again managed to show the difference between Hulk, and Banner, as although we see the differences all the time, it's much more interesting in this due to them both being in the same sequence. Waid also managed to add great drama, and brilliant action to this issue as well, with it being very intriguing, whilst also extremely interesting.

The art on this issue was also very good, and both Matteo Scalera, and Kim Jacinto did a great job. Now I'm still not a huge fan of Scalera's art, but I have to say I much preferred it over Jacinto's. Both artists styles were similar, with the the odd jarring moment, but Jacinto's art went to another level when it came to jarring faces, making me appreciate Scalera's art a lot more. I did however enjoy how both artists drew the Hulk himself, and especially Scalera, who does an amazing job with the big angry giant, also producing some outstanding fight sequences that explode out the page. I also really liked the layout in this issue, as during both Scarlera, and Jacinto's artwork it added a lot of tone, and depth.

I was extremely happy at the end of last issue when I noticed that Hulk would be heading to King Arthur's time, as I really enjoy anything related with the King Arthur myth, and although it has been badly used in comics in the past it's worth taking the chances for the times were it's handled right. This was one of them times, as although Waid still had this heavily focused on Hulk, he managed to add Arthur in making things very fun, and exciting. I also loved how he didn't go too far with Arthur in this issue, feeling that the minimalism helped to make this setting work with the changes that Valdar Ahd would cause.

Speaking of Valdar Ahd, this issue would see with him the appearance of yet another Chronarchist. I really enjoyed when the Chronarchists were first introduced a couple of issues ago with Tok Baltusar, but was even more interested to find out that there are others like him who are more powerful. The way that Valdar handled fighting Hulk was also very different, and unique, and although this fight may have not been the most action packed, it was extremely fun, and clever, showing just how powerful Hulk is. I also loved seeing the change in Valdar's reactions throughout this story, as it showed the unpredictability that comes with the Hulk.

Waid also once again showed time in a really fun, and exciting way, and although I won't go into any plot details as to avoid spoilers I will say my thoughts on how he handles time. Now time is a risky thing in comics as it can give you wonderful stories, but like time travel itself if you miss use it, it will have nasty consequences. Waid however uses time in a subtle, yet brilliant way that's very unique, and exciting. I also have loved how he's only had Hulk in the same place for one issue so far, as it allows less problems, as well as gives more variety.

Final Verdict

A brilliant continuation of this amazing story, and I've loved seeing Hulk jump through time. This issue also showed King Arthur brilliantly, and seeing Hulk fight alongside him, and the Knights of the Round Table was simply amazing. There was also plenty of action in this issue, and on top of everything else it was extremely exciting, and explosive. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue as well as the series so far, and can't wait for next issue which is one I've been looking forward to since this story was first announced.

Rating: 9/10

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