Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wolverine #9 Review

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis

This has been a very inconsistent series, as although it has started to show signs of promise, it has still to pay off. I do however still have faith that this series will become consistently good, and would be even happy if it became brilliant.


Wolverine rushes back to the school to confront Mystique to find that she has left, taking a sword that belongs to him, and goading him into a fight, but as he goes to face Mystique he is stopped in his tracks by Batroc.


This was an amazing issue, as although it was slightly slow near the start, it managed to pick up pace half way through, becoming a really exciting issue. Paul Cornell has had an interesting take on Wolverine to say the least, as although this hasn't been the best we've ever seen, it has shown some very interesting concepts. I was however slightly disappointed with the start of this issue, as the story seems to be pick up a lot of pace, to be halted in it's tracks at places where it should be explosive. Cornell did however do a great job of showing how Wolverine's attitude has changed a bit, and how he doesn't care about his own problems quite as much any more, turning him back to the focused character he should be.

The art in this issue was simply phenomenal, and Alan Davis once again produced some amazing artwork. The detail in Davis' art is simply outstanding, and his style suits Wolverine perfectly, being gritty when needed, yet fairly lighthearted the rest of the time. Davis also once again did an amazing job of showing the characters emotions, and especially Wolverine, as the mixture of emotions was easily noticeable. I also really enjoyed Davis' layouts as they added a lot more depth to the issue, and worked perfectly with the tone, and emotion. The action in this issue was also very exciting, being the best thing about Davis' artwork, as it was extremely dramatic.

Mystique seems to be popping up everywhere, as having made appearances in  All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Wolverine and the X-Men recently you'd think that she's being used enough. I won't however complain about her appearing in this series though as with Sabretooth coming along with her how can I complain. I was however slightly disappointed that she didn't make a proper appearance in this issue, as with the teaser at the end of last issue I was really looking forward to a clash between her, and Wolverine. All I hope now is that all good things come to those who wait.

With Wolverine's first destination in this issue being the Jean Grey School for Higher learning it was obvious that the X-Men would make an appearance, and although a part of me feels there's enough series showing Wolverine with the X-Men, given the storyline it's nice to see them make an appearance. I especially enjoyed seeing Kitty Pryde tag along with Wolverine, as due to them both having an interesting history together it was nice to see them working together outside the X-Men.

Although Wolverine didn't get his hands on Mystique in this issue he would get some action, fighting Batroc who's looking to pick up the ten million dollar bounty that The Hand have put on Wolverine. Now Batroc isn't one of my favourite villains, probably not being amongst many peoples favourite villains, but he does add some fun to series, and I can't help but love seeing him get beaten up. I also felt that this lower level villain was the perfect starter for Wolverine considering he's now mortal, as it allows him to change his fighting style slightly. The dialogue in the fight was also extremely entertaining, and I loved how much Batroc was taking advantage of Wolverine's situation.

Final Verdict

Killable certainly seems to be heating up, and although the confrontation that I was hoping for didn't happen in this issue, the developments leave an even more interesting future for this story. The issue itself did however have a slightly mixed pace, but the brilliant action at the end made up. The issue also had plenty of drama, and suspense, with great appearances, and interactions. Due to all this I'd recommend this issue as it's an enjoyable read, but anyone who hasn't been enjoying the series should be sceptical.

Rating: 7/10

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