Friday 13 September 2013

Infinity #2 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Jerome Opeña & Dustin Weaver

So far Infinity has been amazing, but theAvengers, and New Avengerstie-ins has been what's stolen the show so far, being extremely entertaining, as well as developing the story in a perfect, but subtle way. Now Infinity continues and hopefully this is shaping up to be the Marvel event we deserve.


Following Thanos invasion of Earth, Corvus Glaive heads to Attilan in search of the remaining Infinity Gem. Meanwhile the Avengers continue their fight against the Builders.


This was an amazing issue, and although it wasn't quite as good as the first issue, being slightly disappointing considering the phenomenal Avengers/ New Avengers tie-in issues, overall this was a very good issue, and a terrific continuation of the storyline. Jonathan Hickman has done a great job of allowing this storyline to flow throughout the three series' he works on whilst allowing them to re-root back to this issue, meaning that people who don't get the Avengers and New Avengers won't miss much, also adding a quick recap of both issues to help with that. The drama, and suspense in this issue was also outstanding, and Hickman has added the right tone to this story, also being exciting, and entertaining.

The art on this issue was divided between Jerome Opeña, and Dustin Weaver, both who have worked on the Avengers series prior. I have to say that although I love both artists work I have to give the edge to Opeña as his art is simply phenomenal. Weaver did however do a brilliant job as well, with both artists artwork being very highly detailed. I especially loved the emotion that both artists added to the characters, as it really allowed the story to come alive, and given the drastic events so far, this is really needed. The action was also handled perfectly by both artists, being very explosive, and exciting. I also loved the colouring from Justin Ponsor, and feel that it helps keep the same tone to the story.

This issue would see Corvus Glaive finally head to Attilan, where he gives Thanos' ultimatum. I found this to be very suspenseful, and exciting, as given the fact that Black Bolt was one of the few Illuminati members not to be personally targeted I expected something to happen here. The ultimatum itself was also very interesting, and typical of Thanos. There was however still a bit of mystery surrounding it, and the revelation that happened surrounding this later on in the issue was mind blowing.

It looked as if this issue was mainly going to centre around the events from New Avengers #9, and although it mostly did there was a continuation from last issue, and the developments Avengers #18 added. I initially was disappointed to see the Avengers retreating, as although this was probably the smart move, it just didn't feel right. I was however very happy when they returned to battle the Builders, and this sequence was simply amazing, also adding some interesting, and shocking developments to the story.

Gladiator also had a brilliant role in this issue, as with him being a part of this war against the Builders it was interesting to see his take on the situation. This itself was typical of Gladiator, and that's what I loved about it, as it was so true to the character, with his passion, and determination being above anyone else's (which is saying a lot when Captain America is nearby). I also loved that we got to see Gladiator in action alongside the Avengers, as it was simply astonishing.

Final Verdict

Although not quite as good as the last issue, this was still a tremendous continuation to the event, and it has certainly kept me excited about the series. The suspense, and drama throughout was simply outstanding, having some brilliant interactions, and leading to some shocking developments. Due to all this, added the brilliant action I would highly recommend this issue, and am looking forward to the next Avengers tie-in, and ultimately the next issue of this series.

Rating: 8/10

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