Saturday 21 September 2013

Infinity #3 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Jerome Opeña & Dustin Weave

I have really been enjoying Infinity so far, and after a couple of poor events I'm happy that Marvel have finally gotten their act together. The story has progressed brilliant so far, and the Avengers and New Avengers issues work as brilliant tie-ins, being crucial to the story.


The Avengers prepare for battle against the Builders whilst Black Bolt prepares to be confronted by Thanos.


This was a phenomenal issue, and my favourite of the event so far. Jonathan Hickman has been doing an amazing job with this event as a whole, but what stood out for me in this issue was that it took the recent events in Avengers and New Avengers and expanded on them in a very explosive, and exciting way. I also loved how Hickman managed to keep some mystery in the event, as although he's revealing something shocking every now and then, he seems to still have some stuff kept up his sleeve. I also felt that this issue was very dramatic, and suspenseful, also having some brilliant dialogue, and interactions. I also loved how it's taken the story a major step forward, whilst leaving some fuel in the tank for the second half.

The art on this issue was once again done by Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver. Both artists once again did a fantastic job, and although I probably still preferred Opeña's artwork slightly there isn't a huge lot between the two artists. The detail by both artists was simply outstanding, with each sequence being stunning, and especially the ones centred around the Avengers in space. The action in this issue was also handled perfectly between both artists, literally being very explosive, as well as exciting, adding a lot more drama, and tone to the issue. Justin Ponsor also once again did an outstanding job of colouring this issue, and it's his colours that help keep the artwork more consistent.

The last issue of the Avengers would see the Builders learn the location of the Avengers, and the Galactic Council, making the planets in their way surrender to them. I found this to be a very interesting development, showing just how powerful the Builders were. I also enjoyed how it allowed for differences of priorities of the Council members, with some seeing surrender as the wise option, and others not wanting to be controlled, preferring to fight like a warrior, even if that means dying like one.

Even though some of the Council would leave, this didn't stop Captain America and his Avengers come up with a plan, taking the fight to the Builders. Now I won't go into much detail over what happens, but it was a very exciting development point, having some explosive moments. I also loved how suspenseful the sequence was, and how it made the event a bit more lively, as although there has been plenty of action so far, there hasn't been anything quite like this, also being a genius decision.

This issue would also see Thanos make his way to Attilan to confront Black Bolt. Now I won't go into any details over this sequence, as it happens quite a bit into the issue, and I'd prefer to avoid any spoilers anyway. As you would probably guess however, the encounter isn't too friendly, being extremely exciting, and suspenseful. It wasn't however quite as exciting as the Avengers doing battle with the Builders, but still exciting in it own way. It also ended on a brilliant note, leaving me extremely excited for the next part of this marvellous event.

Final Verdict

This was an amazing issue, and my personal favourite of the event so far. It had so much excitement, and suspense, as well as plenty of drama. The developments were also very dramatic, adding some energy to the event. It also had some brilliant action sequences, and has me hooked for the next part. Due to this it's easy to recommend this issue, and I'd also recommend the rest of the event as well.

Rating: 10/10

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