Thursday, 12 September 2013

Invincible: Perfect Strangers Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Ryan Ottley

I have just started reading this series after buying the first compendium, which I plan to review as individual volumes (as it'd be hard to give too much attention on all the stories without it being a massive review). The first two volumes were simply amazing, and I am really getting into this series, and I hope that it keeps this level of quality.


After Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe there is need for heroes to fill their places in the team, and when Invincible learns of his fathers actions all hell breaks loose.


This was a phenomenal volume, and the series has a whole has certainly risen to new levels. Robert Kirkman delivered one outstanding story here, as although so far the series has been very fun, and entertaining, as well as exciting, this volume has really taken it to the next level, having some very gritty, and dramatic developments, turning this from fun to serious very quickly. Kirkman has also did an excellent job of the continuing development of the characters in this volume, as I'm really starting to like them as individuals, and even though they're in a superhero world they feel very realistic. The dialogue also helped with this, as with it being very natural, and dramatic, it helps give tone, and atmosphere, helping give more depth to the characters. The action in this volume was also amazing, being very exciting, and explosive, as well as entertaining.

The art in this volume was simply outstanding, and Ryan Ottley did an amazing job. I really enjoyed the issue of art that he did in the last volume, but his art in this issue was much better. I already felt that his style suited the fun tone of this series, but he proved during this volume that he could also show great emotion, and depth, as with the more serious tone in this volume it needed to look more serious, and Ottley did a brilliant job of that. I also loved how Ottley didn't hold back on the gore, as although I have seen some bloody fight sequences in comics before, this has to be one of the bloodiest I've seen in a while, and the depth of the sequence made it even better. I also felt that Ottley did a fantastic job on the facial expressions in this volume, as even outside of the fight sequence it was very dynamic, and dramatic, with it being very easy to tell what the characters were feeling.

The last volume would see the Guardians of the Globe killed by the Omni-Man, and this volume would see the search for a new team. The search would be conducted by former Teen Team leader Robot, who really wanted Invincible to join the team. The search for the new Guardians of the Globe was very interesting, and extremely funny. I loved seeing all the different superheroes wanting a place on the team, with some being extremely interesting characters. I did however find it a bit lazy that half the team consisted of Teen Team members, with only two brand new characters being introduced to the team. This however didn't really bother me much (more of an observation), as it allows the characters a legitimate reason to stay in the series more, and the team is bound to evolve throughout the series.

When Invincible learns that his father, Omni-Man was behind the Guardians of the Globe's death, Omni-Man felt that it was the right time to tell Invincible the true story about where he came from. Now I won't go into details as to avoid spoilers, but I loved this twist in the series, as besides giving some perspective over why Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe, it also gave more insight into him as a character, transforming him from hero to villain in a very emotional way. I also loved how similar it was to the original origin story, whilst still being very unique, and interesting.

The revelation of Omni-Man's true intentions would lead to him, and Invincible fighting. This was easily the best thing about this volume, as well as the best thing in the first three volumes. It was a very exciting sequence, being simply brutal, also being a total blood bath. There are plenty of fights that are aggressive, or brutal, but this has to be one of the bloodiest that I've seen in a while, especially in a superhero comic, and can only really be rivalled by such things as The Punisher, The Boys, and Deadpool comics. I also loved the dialogue during the fight, as well as the emotion, and especially the emotion in Omni-Man, as you could see that there was some conflict in him, and that a small part of him didn't want to fight his son.

The Unopan known as Allen who featured in the last volume would once again appear in this one trying to fix his mistake. Now I won't go into any details about Allen's activities in this volume any more than I already have as to avoid spoilers, but I will say what I thought about his appearance. I found him to be a very interesting, and amusing character in the last volume, and that didn't change here. In fact I found him slightly more amusing, and was extremely happy to see him again. I also loved seeing him, and Invincible interact again, as much like last time it was extremely interesting, but for different reasons this time.

Final Verdict

This was a fantastic volume, and easily the better than the first two volumes. This volume would show that there is more than just fun, and humour in this series, as it became very serious, very quickly. It was however no less exciting, or dramatic, with some breathtakingly phenomenal moments, as well as brutal fights, and interesting encounters. Due to all this it's really easy to recommend this volume, and I look forward to reading more from this series.

Rating: 10/10