Thursday 12 September 2013

Justice League Dark #23 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Mikel Janin

This series has been amazing ever since Jeff Lemire took over, and although it has been variable over just how good it is as of recent, it has always been at least good. The Trinity War story that it is in the now has also been great, as although the last part wasn't spectacular the story has a whole has been.


Madame Xanadu is coming to terms with what is actually going to happen, while there is a fight for Pandora's Box, with Shazam (Billy Batson) makes a dramatic return.


This was a brilliant issue, and much better than the last part of Trinity War, but not quite as good as the last issue from this series. Jeff Lemire did an amazing job of continuing from where the last part left off, creating a very exciting issue. I've really enjoyed how Lemire has managed to keep the Justice League Dark feel about this series during this storyline, as although it ultimately follows on with that story, it still feels very much like a JLD issue, having all the characters present. I also loved the action that Lemire added to this issue, and found it to be very spontaneous, and exciting, being very entertaining, and unique.

The art from Mikel Janin was absolutely amazing, and although there was one thing that I didn't like about the art in this issue, that was more due to Jeromy Cox's colours, as the red on Shazam wasn't as slick as it's been in the previous parts of this story. The detail in Janin's art was however brilliant, with everything looking perfect, and crisp. I especially loved how he drew the characters, and more so how he showed their facial expressions throughout this struggle, feeling that the change in their attitudes caused by the box was perfectly shown. The action was also explosive, and exciting, with a very dynamic layout throughout.

This issue would show would be narrated by Madame Xanadu, and show her starting to understand what's about to happen. I've always found Madame Xanadu interesting throughout this series, and I was very happy when I first noticed what her role in this story would possibly be. This however has shown us more, and her narration in this issue was very gritty, and interesting, adding a brilliant overtone to the issue. Xanadu's role in this issue also added more mystery as well, creating brilliant build-up.

This issue would also see the return of Shazam, as following his encounter with John Constantine, and how Constantine tried to steal his powers in Constantine #5, he hasn't featured in the story. I was happy to see him return, but I was more happy that it managed to quickly sum up what happened in Constantine #5 for anyone who hasn't read it, as although I read it myself, it's nice to have that for people who haven't. I also loved the new attitude that Shazam brought in this issue, as following the way he was treated by Constantine he has a very different view of being told what to do, and that was obvious in this issue.

The most exciting part of this issue would have to be the huge fight that would take place between all the heroes around Pandora's Box, and even Shazam once he arrived got involved, with the box having an affect on anyone nearby. The dialogue during this was also great, as it was nice to see all these proud superheroes talk in such a manner, making things even more exciting, with the fighting itself being very explosive, and entertaining as well.

Final Verdict

This was a great issue, and although not the best in the story so far, a big improvement over the last part, setting the finale up perfectly. It also had great drama, and action, with explosive action, and entertaining dialogue. Due to all this it's easy to recommend this, and I'd also highly recommend the rest of the story, looking forward to the final part even more now.

Rating: 8/10

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