Monday, 30 September 2013

Marvel Teases "Sinners" and "Higher" as Part of All-New Marvel NOW!

Marvel released yet another two teasers today for their All-New Marvel NOW! with another project written by Charles Soule teased as "Sinner" featuring artwork from Carlo Barberi, and a project written by Kelly Sue Deconnick teased as "Global" featuring artwork from David Lopez. Also like the previous teasers full details won't be released until the New York Comic Con.

My Thoughts

The red lettering on "Sinners" would make you think Thunderbolts, as with Charles Soule already writing on that series it would make sense that this was a continuation of that. The fact that more details will be revealed at the Amazing X-Men panel at New York Comic Con does however make me re-think that as Deadpool is the only Thunderbolt character with a connection to the X-Men. That does however then make me think that this may be a Deadpool related story, whether it's in Thunderbolts or something else. Either way I'm excited to find out more. The other teaser "Higher" is also not too easy to work out. With the fact that it will be revealed at the Superior Spider-Man panel of New York Comic Con it suggests a connection there. This makes me think that Deconnick will be bringing another Spider-Woman series to us, as with her working on the character in Avengers Assemble, as well as the fact she also writes the solo adventures of Captain Marvel, another Avenger Assemble member it makes me think that she'll be writing the solo adventures of another.

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