Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thanos Rising #2 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Simone Bianchi

I'm not the biggest Thanos fan in the world, but I've always been interested in the character, especially after the post-credit scene in The Avengers movie, so when I heard about this series I was happy, looking forward to learing more about the character, and his origins. The first issue however wasn't quite what I expected, but none the less still interesting, and the series looks to be at least good, if not great.


After learning all he can from his Professor, and creatures, and continues to try different creatures with the goal of discovering the secrets of the cosmos, as well as himself.


This was a good issue, but to be honest I'm not entirely sure if I'm loving this series or not. Don't get me wrong, it's been very different, and interesting, and overall very enjoyable, but it's just not quite been what I was expecting, and that's what has me torn over my overall feelings. Usually a series not being as expected doesn't bother me too much, as to be honest there's very few series that 100% live up to your expectations, but this one being an origin story, and the story that I was wanting to drive me into becoming a Thanos fan I was expecting slightly more. Jason Aaron still did a fantastic job on this issue, and although it's not been better than the start of his Thor: God of Thunder series, it has been better than most of his recent work. What I've probably liked most about the series is that it's delved into showing Thanos' character, and emotions, showing how he wasn't always the evil tyrant that we see usually. At the same time I also think that this transformation from good to bad is taking a little too long, and if it takes the whole series to do this, there's every chance that it may become a bit dull, but I hope that it doesn't, and that we get some excitement.

The art in this issue was brilliant, and Simone Bianchi has once again done a fantastic job, as although I still dislike his art at times, overall it's amazing, and at times really gory. The main thing that I'm still not 100% happy with Bianchi's art is the way he draws Thanos himself, as although I love his covers, which show the very maniacal, and sinister older Thanos, the younger Thanos sometimes looks too gruesome, which although that isn't bad, I still don't love it. The layout of Bianchi's artwork was however brilliant, giving so much more suspense, and drama to the story, also showing just the right amount of sinisterness in Thanos to show that he's changing, but at the same time showing that he's wanting to be good. I also love how this more darker, grittier look to Thanos helps Aaron's story, as it really harnesses all the tone's that a series like this needs, as he knows when to make the art darker, and when to also make it look more light heartened. The colours from Ive Svorcina also really help to show, and highlight this as well. The detail in Bianchi's art was also amazing, as although there were little things that didn't quite look right, the majority of it looked amazing, and the detail was brilliant, including both the small details, and normal details.

This issue mainly sees Thanos trying to learn the secrets of the cosmos, as well as himself. Now although this was needed to show the story, and development, I feel that this was what made the story slightly slow, and at times dull. In saying that I still found the way that Thanos would progress his learning, not seeing the need for a Professor interesting, and it really showed the intelligence, and individuality of Thanos, whilst also hinting that not everything's right with this child. The overall tone to all this was also perfect, and although it was slightly slow at times, Aaron, and Bianchi did a brilliant job, and to be honest I'm not sure it would be possible to do better without changing the entire story.


This goal to learning the secrets of the cosmos would lead to Thanos moving up to kill people, trying to learn what he can from them. Now this was the turning point for Thanos, as although his decision to kill the lizards in the last issue showed that he'd started to become a killer, this was the final straw to be broken in showing that he enjoyed killing. What probably interested me the most was that although it became apparent that Thanos liked killing, he also still appeared to have a conscience, as he feels remorse, and regret over killing, yet still enjoys it, which I felt was perfect, as it shows the type of character he truly is, whilst also showing that there's still the hint of humanity.

Last issue saw Thanos introduced to a mysterious girl, who appears to be the bad influence that sways him into becoming evil. Now due to my knowledge on Thanos being small, and nowhere near as vast as it should be I had no idea who this girl was, and was puzzled, as long time fans of the character, as well as people who know their Thanos history did. Without looking into, or having any discussions about the character I do however think that I know who it is, as after looking up more of Thanos back history it appears to be fairly obvious, although I could be wrong. I won't spoil it for anyone that was like me and clueless, but who unlike me want to keep it a secret, but if you are interested in who I think it is PM me. Anyway, this issue would see the continuation of their relationship, and Thanos appears to want to take it to the next step, wanting the girl to love him. Something that she doesn't mutually agree on. Now this was interesting, and at the same time made me think that my guess on who this person is is right, and at the same time it also shows another reason for Thanos to become evil, as for someone to feel unloved it must be hard not to slip further down a dark path.


Now there isn't huge spoilers in this next section, but I just thought I'd warn you as they are still spoilers. Now there are two character's, Sogarth, and Loktus that go missing, and Thanos' father, Mentor, and his father Kronos discuss this matter, with Kronos believing that they've been murdered, and Mentor not wanting to believe that such a thing could happen on Titan. I found this very interesting, and although it takes away from the actual development of Thanos, it does show how a things are discussed on Titan, and I am interested to see what Mentor, and Kronos have to say if/when they find out the truth.

Final Verdict

Although this series isn't perfect, it is however still interesting, and I still have hopes that it will become exciting. Although slow the developments of this younger Thanos are also very interesting, and I for one am loving learning how this evil creature wasn't always evil, and why he's became evil. I'd recommend this issue, as well as the previous issue to anyone, as although some people aren't happy that this origin, which they like to remain a mystery is being told, is being told, I personally think it's perfect for anyone whether Thanos fan or not, as it is moving at times, and shows how easily someone can change.

Rating: 4/5