Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wolverine #7 Review

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Mirco Pierfederici

This series hasn't quite been as I hoped it would, but it has been interesting, and although it's had a few poor issues it looks to be getting better again. It has also kept my interest all the way through, and although it's not quite paid off yet, I'm hoping that this new story will do.


Wolverine has lost his healing factor, and now he has to spend his life as a mortal, getting used with the fact that he can now die or be killed.


This was an amazing issue, and one of my favourites since the first couple of issues. Paul Cornell has really made an impression with this issue, as although it's still nowhere near perfect, the series has been getting better with over the last few issues. The thing I liked the most about this issue was how Cornell added emotion, as although it may have been a little too much, too soon, it was nice to see that Wolverine had feelings, and was scared. Cornell also added other well known characters to this issue, and although there was probably too many, it was cool to see them. There was also no real action in this issue, and although that did take away from the excitement, it didn't really affect the issue as a whole.

Mirco Pierfederici once again did a decent job of the artwork on this issue, and although I will be happy to see Alan Davis return for the next storyline, Pierfederici did a good job on the three issues he worked on. Pierfederici's strong point on this issue was showing the characters emotions, and especially with Wolverine, as you could easily see the fear in his eyes, and although it may have been just a little over the top, it was nice to see. The detail in Pierfederici's art was also good in this issue, as everything looked brilliant. Pierfederici's art wasn't however perfect, as during the first page Wolverine looked unproportional with his torso seeming much bigger than his head, or legs.

The main change that happened last issue, and would be shown throughout this issue was the fact that Wolverine no longer has a healing factor. Now prior to this I had a lot of questions, which others seemed to have shared, with the main one being will Wolverine get Adamantium poisoning? This would be dealt with quickly, as Cornell obviously doesn't want the question to hang over his story. I did however as a whole like how before the big "Killable" story that Cornell took one more set-up issue to show Wolverine dealing with his mortality, as although the others have slowed the series down, this one gave more depth to it, which was nice.

Another question I had prior to this issue was will Wolverine now get drunk whilst drinking? Once again it would be revealed in this issue, as Wolverine would go drinking with Nick Fury Jr., later being joined by Thor. Although I liked this sequence, I wasn't sure if it was necessary to add Thor, as although it's always fun to have him around a bar sequence, it was one cameo appearance that wasn't necessary. I did however still like the sequence, and how it showed that Wolverine has friends.

This issue would also continue the hint of a romance between Wolverine, and fellow X-Man, Storm that was first shown in Wolverine and the X-Men #24. Now this is something that I personally wanted to see continued, and although some people won't be happy about the two getting together, I see it as an interesting development, and I'm glad that it appears to be continuing. I also liked the dialogue between the two characters, and how Storm reminded him of the home he's built with the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. It's also an appropriate addition to this story, considering what will be happening in next issue.

Final Verdict

This issue is bound to get mixed responses, but I for one really enjoyed it, and loved to see how Wolverine's copping living as a mortal. I also liked the emotion that was added, as although it may have been a little too much, it was nice to see, and showed that Wolverine does know what fear is. It also had a few nice cameo appearances, as well as some interesting development points, and I look forward to seeing how the story progresses in the next issue. I personally would highly recommend this issue, but due to the type of issue would also recommend caution as although I loved it, you may not.

Rating: 4/5