Thursday, 5 September 2013

Young Avengers #4 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Jamie McKelvie & Mike Norton 

Before this series started I was really looking forward to it as the teaser in the Marvel NOW! Point One issue was brilliant, but unfortunately it's been disappointing. I do however have faith that this series will become good, but if it's not consistently good, or at least interesting in the next story I may be dropping it.


Kate Bishop, and Noh-Varr return to help the rest of these Young Avengers, and after a visit from Noh-Varr's parents the question remains, can the Young Avengers trust Loki?


This was surprisingly a very enjoyable issue, and if it continues like this there may be a lot of hope for the future of this series. To be fair this story has been very dull, and although this issue has been much better than the previous issues in the story I doubt I will have fond memories of it. Kieron Gillen hasn't really been doing well in Marvel NOW! so far, as both this series and Iron Man (which I dropped after the first story) have not really appealed to me, so it was nice to see him do good on this issue. Now this issue wasn't without it's flaws, and there were moments were it could have easily have been as poor as the last couple of issues, but Gillen did manage to give the fun vibe that I hope for in this type of series, as well as shock, and interest. I still think the whole foundations of this story with the weird parents isn't good, and can't wait for it too finish, but I am glad that it's at least exciting, and fun, with some humour, and amazing action. Gillen also surprising gave some brilliant emotion, as although he's shown that he can do this in previous series like Journey into Mystery he hasn't really done it that much in this series.

The art from Jamie McKelvie, and Mike Norton was once again amazing, and although I'm still not 100% sure on how the art's split between the two it doesn't stop it from being amazing. The detail in the artwork is brilliant, as everything looks perfect, whether small, or large details. The style of artwork that McKelvie, and Norton use on this series suits it brilliantly, as the cartoonish style helps to give more of a fun atmosphere to the series, which it needs. I also love the way it's laid out, and especially in the double page that shows Noh-Varr's actions in M.J's Nightclub. I also love how the characters themselves are drawn, as they look brilliant, and the facial expressions are handled brilliantly, adding more drama, and suspense to the issue. The action was also fabulously handled, being very dynamic, and entertaining, and overall McKelvie, and Norton did an amazing job. Matthew Wilson also did a brilliant job with the colouring, and they really suit the tone of the series, making McKelvie, and Norton's art look even more fun.

The main thing I was looking forward to with this issue was the return of Kate, and Noh-Varr to the series having not made an appearance since the first issue. I was a bit disappointed that they hadn't been involved as with Kate being my favourite of the Young Avengers, and also finding Noh-Varr's addition intriguing, it's been a shame that they haven't appeared, and although I've not minded seeing the focus Wiccan, Hulkling, Ms. America, and Loki, I'd have preferred if they'd been included. Anyway, they come back to the series in a big way, bringing ton's of excitement with them, and now that the whole of the Young Avengers are together this series may finally become something brilliant.

When Kate, and Noh-Varr reach the Young Avengers at M.J.'s Nightclub, Noh-Varr makes a brilliant entrance, crashing through the window, and attacking the weird creatures that appear to be the Young Avengers parents. Now there'll be a lot of people that will find this sequence a little too cheesy, but I enjoyed it, and the way the double page was laid out with the whole event laid out on a small scale, with a number key describing what's happening, as well as five side panels that zoom into the action was brilliant, and very unique. It was also visually very dynamic, and added another level of fun to a series that needs to be as fun as it can be.

Now this doesn't really affect the story, but there was a nice page showing Captain America, and Thor sitting in Avengers Mansion whilst the Young Avengers try and escape from their false parents. This was a really fun sequence, and although I questioned how Cap, and Thor missed the action outside, it did add some light humour to the issue. It was also nice that Cap, and Thor made another appearance (having appeared with the rest of the Avengers Unity Squad in the second issue), and although it could have been better it was still fun.

Can the Young Avengers trust Loki? Wait a minute didn't I ask this question last review? I did, but the question continues into this issue, as Loki persists in trying to persuade Wiccan to give him his powers for ten minutes. Now in a way this is a bit dull, as it's repeating something from the previous issue, but I liked how it continued as it showed the mentality of Loki, as well as continuing to ask the question whether Loki is trustworthy. Obviously the answer's no, but until the Young Avengers trust him they won't find out. I won't go right out and reveal whether they trust Loki in this issue or not, but the fact that they were considering it's interesting enough, and the build-up to making the decision was very suspenseful, and dramatic. The decision itself was also very interesting, and without spoiling, or revealing I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops in next issues conclusion.

Final Verdict

This was a surprisingly brilliant issue, and probably equal to best along with the first issue. It showed that the series could still be fun, and although it's still far from perfect, with the base of this story still being terrible, it shows hope for the future of this series, and that the next story might actually be good. I would recommend this issue, but not the series as a whole so far, as with only two good issues, as well as two poor it's probably better to either get this issue for the fun it holds, or wait for the next story to start (issue 5).

Rating: 4/5