Thursday, 24 October 2013

Jupiter's Legacy #2 Review

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quitely

This series had a very good opening issue, as although it wasn't as brilliant as I hoped, it did a great job of introducing the characters and the world they live in. Mark Millar also did a great job of setting to tone of the series, and I'm sure it will get even better with time.


Brandon tries to act the superhero, but when his actions cause more trouble than good his father the Utopian has to step in. Meanwhile Chloe is in the hospital recovering from her overdose, and coming to grip with the news that she's pregnant.


This was yet another brilliant issue, and although not much better than the opening issue, it flowed much smoother and Mark Millar has started to give some proper series development that show where the story is heading. Millar also did a brilliant job of giving more depth to the characters in this issue, as although I'd have loved to have seen some action it was good to see more emotion from the characters. Millar also did a wonderful job with the character interaction in this issue, with the dialogue being one of the best things about the issue, being very dramatic and suspenseful, adding a lot of tension to the story. The series has however still to find it's feet, and is still in the set-up stage, which slows the pace down a bit.

The art from Frank Quitely was once again phenomenal, with the detail in his artwork being simply astonishing. Quitely's unique and quirky art style has really grown on me over the years, and it suits the adult nature of this series perfectly. The layouts are also brilliant, as although some of the backgrounds were once again a bit plain, the layouts still managed to give a lot of drama and depth to the issue, also helping to add tension during some of the more explosive interactions. Quitely also did a great job of showing the characters facial expressions and emotions in this issue, as although there were a few awkward moments in last issue, there were none in this one, with it adding more tone to the issue.

This issue would start with Brandon trying to live up to his fathers expectations by helping a ship move to it's destination sooner, though things don't go too smoothly. Although it was a sudden start to the issue, it was nice to see more of Brandon, and how that despite not showing it in the last issue that he wants to live up to his father's expectations. It was however also entertaining how everything went wrong, and that despite his good intentions Brandon was doing more harm than good. The sequence would also be more entertaining with the interaction that Brandon would have with both the captain and his friend.

Due to Brandon's catastrophic actions his father the Utopian would come to save the day, giving his son a lecture in the process. Now this was probably my favourite part of the issue, as the differences between father and son haven't been very noticeable, so seeing this confrontation was brilliant. I also loved the emotion and intensity in the dialogue, and how it would show that despite all the good that Utopian has done, that he's not been their for his children as much as he could have, which won't have helped with the way Brandon has turned out.

The issue would also show some development for Chloe following her almost overdosing at the end of the last issue. It would however be the development of her learning that she's pregnant that would make this even more interesting. What I enjoyed most was the realism that Millar added to this, with her shocked reaction being easily noticeable. I also liked how this would affect her reactions, with the smallest of annoyances making her angry

Final Verdict

Another fantastic issue, and although this series is still in the set-up stages it is still very exciting and dramatic, having a lot of suspense and emotion. It also had a brilliant tone and atmosphere throughout it, with the character interaction being amazing. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue, as well as the last issue, as they are both fabulous reads.

Rating: 8/10