Thursday, 24 October 2013

Jupiter's Legacy #3 Review

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quitely

This series has been brilliant so far, with the first two issue being amazing. It has however still to kick into a higher gear, as although the series has been very dramatic and suspenseful so far, with brilliant character development and interaction, it has been setting up something bigger, which has slowed it down a bit.


As the Utopian has a word with Hutch, Walter puts his plan into action.


This was a phenomenal issue, and easily the best in the series so far. Mark Millar has produced some of the best work he has done in the last couple of years in this issue, showing just why he's one of the best writers in the business today. Millar managed to make this not only very exciting, but also extremely dramatic and suspenseful, with the big explosive moments being very intense. The pacing of the issue was also perfect, with each sequence flowing brilliantly into the next. On top of that Millar also did an amazing job of the dialogue in this issue, with it adding a lot more depth and tone to the issue, also being very emotional at times.

The artwork from Frank Quitely was also once again astonishing, and I have been very happy that he's worked on this series. The detail was once again amazing, being extremely consistent throughout, with even the minor details shining out. Quitely also did a fantastic job of laying out his artwork, as although it isn't the most unique style, with the backgrounds mostly being plain, it does help to add more depth and tone, adding more atmosphere to the character interactions. The best thing about this issue however was the way he handled the brutal development points, with his art being very graphical. On top of that Quitely once again showed the character emotion brilliantly, adding a lot more intensity and realism to the issue.

This issue would start with the Utopian, in his secret identity of Sheldon Sampson having a discussion with Hutch about his relationship with his daughter Chloe. Now the latter sequences in this issue would overshadow this sequence, but I personally enjoyed it, and liked seeing the interaction between these two characters. I also liked seeing Hutch try and persuade Utopian that he's willing to change for Chloe's sake, and the typical Utopian response made this even more interesting, showing the differences in characteristics, as well as age.


The spoilers that follow will be major spoiler for the issue, as well as the series going forward, but they were in my opinion that impactful that I had to give my opinion on them, even though I dislike giving away spoilers. Now the first major development point in this issue would see Walter and a group of heroes coming and brutally attacking the Utopian's wife Grace. Now I'll not spoil the outcome of the sequence, but the sequence itself was very intense, being very dramatic. I also liked how this would show Walter's true motives, as although he has always acted the hero, he has always had a mysterious nature towards him, and I'm not surprised that he's turned into somewhat of a villain.

This would be directly followed by another group of heroes, along with Brandon attacking the Utopian. Now again I won't reveal the outcome of this sequence, but I will say my thoughts on it. Following the interaction between the Utopian and Brandon in the last issue it was just a matter of time before they fought, though I wasn't expecting it to happen quite as quick. Besides the amazing artwork in this sequence, the dialogue and emotion would be what made it so brilliant, as it would be very intense and exciting, as well as emotional, continuing to show the pain that Brandon feels about his fathers lack of pride in him.

Final Verdict

Easily the best issue in the series yet, this issue would take the series to another level, having some shocking developments and graphic artwork. There was also a lot of drama and suspense throughout the issue, with some very emotional sequences, with the issue being very intense throughout. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue, as well as the series so far, as it's shaping up to be some of Millar's best creator owned work since the first Kick-Ass series.

Rating: 10/10