Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Marvel Teases "Atonement" and "Assassin" as Part of All-New Marvel NOW!

Marvel released yet another two teasers today for their All-New Marvel NOW! with another project written by Nathan Edmondson teased as "Atonement" featuring artwork from Phil Noto, and a project written by Zeb Wells teased as "Assassin" featuring artwork from Mike Del Mundo. Also like the previous teasers full details won't be released until the New York Comic Con.

My Thoughts

Now both of these are slightly more trickier than the previous teasers, though I do have a couple of ideas as to what they may be. Now the fist one "Atonement" could be a new Black Widow series as given the orange colour, and the fact that Edmondson is used to writing more spy/crime styled stories, and with the details being revealed at the Avengers panel it would seem that the Avenger spy may once again get her own series. The next one "Assassin" could be anyone, as with Marvel having many assassins in their universe there are a lot of possibilities. It is however the silver writing that narrows it down suggesting someone like Winter Soldier, but although I'd much love to see him once more in his own series I don't think it is him, as with it being revealed at the Superior Spider-Man panel it has to be a Spider-Man related character, and with the assassin Silver Sable still not being confirmed dead or alive this could very well be the answer to this, seeing her return to the Marvel Universe in her own series.

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