Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Avengers #11 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

This has so far been an amazing series, and the Infinity event has made it even better, and so far has been one of the best events that Marvel has produced in years. The New Avengers and Avengers tie-ins however have also been wonderful, and for the first couple of months the New Avengers parts stood out as the best the event had to offer, though the main event itself has rightfully taken over that spot for now.


The Illuminati are taken to another universe where they meet a different set of Builders. Meanwhile Proxima Midnight goes to war with Wakanda.


This was an amazing issue, as although it wasn't quite as good as the previous New Avengers Infinity tie-ins, it was still brilliant, being extremely interesting and exciting throughout. Jonathan Hickman so far has done a great job of balancing the three main series involved in this event, as although New Avengers and Avengers style and tone make it obvious that they're tie-ins, they also add more depth to the story as a whole. Hickman would also give some very interesting developments in this issue that played off this weeks Avengers issue perfectly, without spoiling it for anyone who decided to read this issue first. There was also a lot of excitement in this issue, and the end of this story is looking even more interesting.

The artwork in this issue was also fantastic, and Mike Deodato Jr. once again did a phenomenal job. The detail of Deodato Jr.'s art was also outstanding, as it was very consistent throughout, being simply perfect. The layouts of Deodato Jr.'s artwork was also once again brilliant, as it was very dynamic, and added a lot of excitement and depth to the issue. I also felt that Deodato Jr. handled the action in this issue perfectly, with it being very explosive and exciting, having a brilliant tone and atmosphere to it as well. I was however once again not a fan of how he drew Beast, as although he continues to improve with Thanos, I still feel that his version of the Beast is way too big, and too much like a gorilla.

The main development in this issue would be the Illuminati being taken by an Aleph of an other universe to meet with the Builders and Ex Nihili of another universe. This was probably the most interesting sequence in this issue, as although it may have not been the most exciting, it would have the most impact on the event as a whole. The interaction between these Builders and the Illuminati was very interesting and dramatic, and I especially enjoyed the different attitude that these Builders had. I was however not that fond of the different look for the Ex Nihili's though, as I much prefer the normal gold and black colour.

There would also be a big fight sequence as Proxima Midnight would lead an army against Wakanda, with the ultimate goal of finding the location of the missing Infinity Gem. This was easily the most exciting sequence in this issue, as although the Builders appearance had a more interesting development point, the action was simply amazing being very intense and exciting. I also loved the interaction between the Cull Obsidian prior to this, and the dialogue between Proximan Midnight and Black Panther (Shuri) throughout it added a lot of drama and suspense as well.

Thanos would also make an appearance in this issue, showing how he is continuing with his search for both Thane and the remaining Infinity Gem. Now the fight Thanos had with Black Bolt was amazing, so I was slightly surprised to see how calm he was in this issue, though this is Thanos so that fight would have probably been nothing to him. I did however enjoy seeing his interaction with his Cull Obsidian, and the discovery that he made in this issue was also very interesting, though his response to it was slightly disappointing, though worked perfectly with Thanos' characteristics.

Final Verdict

This was yet another fantastic tie-in issue, as although it wasn't quite as good as the previous tie-in issues that New Avengers has produced, it was still a very exciting and enjoyable issue. It also had some brilliant action, as well as having a lot of drama and suspense throughout. On top of that there was some very interesting developments that have me looking forward to Infinity #5 even more than I already was. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue, as well as the main Infinity event and the Avengers tie-ins as they are all truly amazing.

Rating: 8/10

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