Saturday, 12 October 2013

NYCC 2013: Stephanie Brown Returns and the Death of Superboy

I was originally hoping to find the time to post the information for as many Marvel and DC New York Comic Con panels, but just don't have the time. Thus I'll only now be revealing the big news from any of the panels.

Stephanie Brown Returns

During a Q&A session at the Batman panel the usual when will we see Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Caine? was asked.

Scott Snyder would then reply by saying that Stephanie will be coming back during the Batman: Eternal weekly series, and that James Tynion IV has found a way of bringing her back as Spoiler, and that it will happen in Batman: Eternal #3. 

Death of Superboy

The big news from the Superman panel would be from Scott Lobdell, when he announced that Superboy will die during the "Krypton Returns" crossover. Lobdell said that he'd be making the ultimate sacrifice to stop the universe from falling apart, and that from Superboy #26 John Lane Kent. the son of Clark and Lois.

My Thoughts

Now I am extremely happy that Stephanie Brown is returning, as bar Red Robin getting his own series, this is the thing that I've wanted most in the New 52, as although I love the fact that Barbara Gordon is once again Batgirl, Stephanie is a character that I've enjoyed over the years, and have been disappointed that she's not been in the New 52 yet. I personally however don't really mind much about the fact that Superboy is dying, as although I've once again enjoyed the character over the years, I've never been his biggest fan. I would however still prefer him over the John Lane Kent, as although his appearance in the series should create an interesting story, I am even less of a fan of him as a character.

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