Saturday, 12 October 2013

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Tony Daniels

This has been a series that I've been looking forward to for some time now, as with the great relationship that has started between these two characters it's nice to see a series that focuses on that. On top of that the creative team have really impressed me throughout their work, as although I've not read much bar Swamp Thing from Charles Soule, Tony Daniel is an artist that I've enjoyed for years now.


As Superman and Wonder Woman go to deal with a plane caught in a storm they get more than they expected.


This was a fantastic start for the series, but not quite as good as I hoped it would be. Charles Soule did however do an amazing job of starting this series, as although I was hoping for it to be more exciting, it acts as a brilliant introduction to the storyline and the series as a whole. On top of that Soule also does a fantastic job of showing Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship in this issue, without it taking over the entire issue. Soule also added a lot of drama and suspense in this issue, as well as adding a mysterious nature as well. There was also some exciting moments as well, and the way the issue ended has me even more excited for the next issue than I already was.

The artwork on this issue was however phenomenal, and Tony Daniel produced some amazing work on this issue. I'll start off by talking about the amazing cover that Daniel's produced for this issue, as although I don't usually talk about covers this one was simply outstanding, with the wraparound gatefold cover showing both Superman's and Wonder Woman's world perfectly. The interior art was however just as good, and Daniel's layouts were just fantastic, adding a lot of depth and tone to the issue, also making it more dynamic. On top of that Daniel's did a wonderful job with both the character expressions and the action, with the latter being extremely exciting, and the characters expressions being extremely emotional.

This issue would start with Superman and Wonder Woman in the North Atlantic trying to save a plane that has been damaged due to a storm. Now this was a very interesting way of starting the series, as although a fair few series'/stories nowadays start right in the middle of the action, flashing back slightly, it still makes for an interesting start. I also loved the instant drama that was also given due to this way of storytelling. At the same time it was however ever so slightly confusing, as although everything would become explained later in the issue, there were points of confusion due to starting the story this way.

The issue would as I said flashback, showing Clark talking to his blogging partner Cat Grant, and Wonder Woman training with fellow Amazon Hessia. Now this didn't really do much for the overall quality of the issue, but it was nice to see both characters in their normal lives, showing that the teaming up of both characters isn't being forced, and is working around each characters normal lives. I was however more interested in the mysterious person who was looking at either a picture or video of the Superman/Wonder Woman kiss from Justice League #12, and how it would appear that this person wants to reveal their secret romance to the world, as this adds a lot of speculation for the future of the series already.

This issue would also focus on the relationship that has formed between Superman and Wonder Woman, as before going out to the North Atlantic, it would show the two getting together for what appeared to be a date. Now I was hoping that Soule would balance the relationship with action, and am glad that he's doing this. I was however very happy to see this sequence in this issue, as it shows that Soule is thinking about the characters more than just impact wise, as this sequence would show a lot of character depth, as well as show how different their relationship is from a normal relationship, and I look forward to seeing how Soule works off this.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant start to the series, and although it didn't reach the level of quality I hoped it would, it did a brilliant job for an opening issue, showing tons of promise for the series's future. It also had some brilliant interaction, and some very exciting sequences, with the ending being the most exciting of them all. Due to all this I'd recommend giving this issue a try, as although overall it didn't hit the high mark, the ending is bound to grab your interest.

Rating: 7/10