Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy # 7 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Sara Pichelli & Valerio Schiti

Guardians of the Galaxy has to be one of Marvels more fun series', as although there have been a few poor issues in the series so far, it's usually very fun and extremely entertaining, with some brilliant character interactions. With the addition of Angela to the series and with Neil Gaiman as a consultant I expect the series to get even better.


With Angela captured the Guardians of the Galaxy try to find out why she's so interested with the Earth.


This was a very good issue, as although it was much slower than the last issue, it was still very enjoyable. Brian Michael Bendis did a tremendous job of continuing the Guardians of the Galaxy's encounter with Angela. Bendis did however seem to struggle slightly when it came to overcoming the slowness of the issue, as although the tone added a lot of excitement to the issue, it was still a bit dull at times, and overall it didn't overcome the fact that nothing much really happened in this issue. Bendis would however once again do an amazing job with the dialogue in this issue, as although there were times were the humour was a little unnecessary, it would make the issue much more entertaining and enjoyable.

The artwork on this issue was however once again outstanding with Sara Pichelli and Valerio Schiti both doing an amazing job. The detail in this issue was as usual spectacular, and much like last issue the accompany artists work would fit nicely with Pichelli, with their styles being very similar. To be honest their style was that similar that if the credits hadn't said who was working on the issue I would have thought that it was only one artists. Anyway the layouts from both artists would also be outstanding, adding a lot of depth and tone to the issue, with the amazing character emotion also adding a lot of depth and drama to the issue, as well as a terrific atmosphere.

The majority of this issue would see the Guardians of the Galaxy questioning Angela about her interest in the Earth. Now although this would have some very slow moments the sequences as a whole was rather interesting, with some of the dialogue being very entertaining, showing the diversity of characteristics perfectly. The most interesting part of this however had to be the dialogue from Angela, as due to her being rather mysterious until now it was nice to see her have some dialogue interaction with other characters.

The part of the issue that I would enjoy the most would be when Angela started talking about her coming from Heven, and how Earth was a place that she had only heard in stories, much like Heven is for the Star-Lord (Peter Quill) and Iron Man (Tony Stark). I especially enjoyed how this would give us a glimpse into the world that Angela is from, as due to knowing very little about the character prior to her insertion into the Marvel Universe it was nice to see a bit of her background. On top of that the landscape of Heven was simply beautiful, in a much more unique way than other versions of heaven.

The Guardians would also be questioning in this issue whether or not to trust Angela. Now this was obviously a factor that was going to come into the series now that she's been captured, and the way Bendis handled this was brilliant. I especially enjoyed how this would add a bit of dysfunction to the team, as although nothing major we'd see some minor disagreements (though that is far from a new thing for the Guardians of the Galaxy). 

Final Verdict

This was a fantastic issue as although it wouldn't be quite as good as the last couple of issue it would still be a very good issue. It would also tell some of Angela's back story brilliantly, having some very interesting moments throughout the issue. The dialogue would also once again be amazing, though the lack of plot development didn't help the issue. I would however still recommend this issue, as it wasn't the worst the series has produced so far, being a very interesting read.

Rating: 7/10