Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Sara Pichelli & Olivier Coipel

I've fallen behind on my Guardians of the Galaxy reviews as of late, but I've finally gotten round to catching up on them. The series as a whole has been amazing as although it's not always been brilliant, having had the odd poor issue, it has always been fun and enjoyable to read.


As Star-Lord (Peter Quill) talks with Thanos the Guardians of the Galaxy continue their fight with Angela.


This was an amazing issue and a brilliant continuation from the last issue. Brian Michael Bendis did a tremendous job of making this issue relatively new reader friendly whilst also continuing from the explosive events of the last issue. Bendis would also add a lot of excitement to this issue itself, as every sequence would be exciting to a certain extent, with the main fight being the most explosive of these. Besides that the issue would flow very smoothly also keeping the fun tone that I've enjoyed so much, with the dialogue once again being simply wonderful, with Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Rocker Raccoon adding a lot of humour.

The artwork in this issue would also be fantastic, with both Sara Pichelli and Olivier Coipel both doing an amazing job. The detail in this issue was simply outstanding, being very consistent throughout. What I loved most about the artwork however was the smooth transition between the two artists, as although I could easily tell the difference between both artists, the styles worked well next to each other, and although I prefer Coipel's art in general, it was nice that Pichelli's managed to stand out as the star of this issue. On top of that the layouts from both artists would also be spectacular adding a lot of tone and depth to the issue, with the two main encounters being very intense and exciting.

This issue would start with the Watcher being surprised about Angela's presence in the Marvel Universe. Now although the Watcher is sometimes used unnecessarily, it is always interesting to see him make an appearance, as it usually means that something interesting will happen. I especially enjoyed his appearance in this issue, and loved the reaction that he had to Angela, as it's not often that you see the Watcher shocked. I also felt that his presence in this issue helped to make it more new reader friendly for anyone that missed the previous issue.

This issue would also feature the continuation of Gamora's battle with Angela, with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy getting involved as well. Now this was easily the best part of the issue, as although the start of the fight in the last issue was exciting, it would be even more so now that the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy were involved. The sequence would also be made even more entertaining with the amazing dialogue, with Rocket Raccoon once again adding a lot of humour to the series, with Tony and Groot adding some humour themselves.

Besides the fight I was mostly looking forward to seeing the encounter between Peter and Thanos that was teased at the very end of the last issue. Now although this sequence was overshadowed slightly by the amazing fight that I just talked about, it would still be very exciting, having a very intense tone throughout. Bendis would also do a brilliant job with Thanos himself, as although he has been the focused heavily in the Infinity event, Bendis would do a good job of utilising him in this story as well, with the interaction flowing very smoothly, as well as being very interesting.

Final Verdict

This was a fantastic issue and a brilliant continuation from the explosive events of the last issue. It would also have a lot of excitement in it's own right, with some intense sequences and amazing encounters. The dialogue would also be outstanding adding a lot of drama and humour to the issue, keeping the fun tone that I love most about this series perfectly. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue as it was truly amazing.

Rating: 9/10

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