Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Son of Merlin #1 Full Issue

I'll start by apologising for the lack of posts and reviews within the last week and a bit, but I have recently gotten a new job with much more hours so haven't been able to get much spare time for this. I do however plan on at least giving some reviews (though not as much as before) as well as my weekly Quick Fire Ratings and the odd piece of news I can fit in.

Top Cow gave a copy of the first issue of Son of Merlin to post to advertise the release of the trade paperback which came out last Wednesday, and although I've not had the chance to post it yet, I have now and will eventually get round to reading and reviewing the TPB.

You can buy the Son of Merlin trade paperback now at Top Cow. UK readers can also get the trade now from Forbidden Planet and A Place in Space.or at Amazon from November 26th.