Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Quick Fire Ratings 6/11/13

I'll start by apologising for the lack of posts and reviews within the last week and a bit, but I have recently gotten a new job with much more hours so haven't been able to get much spare time for this. I do however plan on at least giving some reviews (though not as much as before) as well as my weekly Quick Fire Ratings and the odd piece of news I can fit in.

This is a quick rundown of the comics that I've read this week, giving quick fire ratings on them.

Action Comics #25 9/10 (review here)

Batman/Superman #5 7/10

Batwing #25 7/10

Detective Comics #25 9/10 (review here)

Forever Evil #3 8/10 (review here)

Green Arrow #25 8/10

Green Lantern #25 7/10

Superman: Unchained #4 8/10

Swamp Thing #25 10/10

Captain America #13 7/10

Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand #1 7/10 (review here)

Amazing X-Men #1 10/10 (review here)

Cyber Force #7 8/10 (review here)