Sunday 3 November 2013

Ultimate Comics: Cataclysm #0.1 Review

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artists: Mico Suayan, Mirco Pierfederici & Leonard Kirk

I have been a huge fan of the Ultimate Universe since it started, and am slight saddened at the thought of it ending. It is however a thing that I felt was inevitable as Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man has been the only series to remain good, with Ultimate Comics: Ultimates and Ultimate Comics: X-Men both being rather inconsistent. I am however looking forward to seeing how it ends.


As Vision realises that Galactus is not dead she goes off to face him, but warns Falcon and the other heroes to be prepared in case she fails.


This was a brilliant issue, and a nice prequel to the Cataclysm event, as although not really essential, it was still a fantastic issue. Joshua Hale Fialkov did an outstanding job of giving us a nice emotional set-up for Cataclysm, as although it didn't do a great lot for the events itself, it was still a brilliantly written issue, and to be fair do we really want a prequel that prevents the first issue from being new reader friendly. Fialkov would also do a terrific job of adding a lot of tone to this issue, as bar the amazing drama and suspense there would also be a brilliant atmosphere to the issue. There'd also be a bit of excitement in this issue as well, which was handled perfectly, but overall the issue was more emotionally driven.

The artwork on this issue was also outstanding and Mico Suayan, Mirco Pierfederici and Leonard Kirk all did an amazing job. Now usually I dislike multiple artists on the same issue, but this time not so much, as although the differences in their artwork was noticeable, due to their styles being fairly similar it wasn't quite as noticeable as some of the multiple artists issues you see, flowing very smoothly between each other. I also loved the high level of detail that all the artists produced on this issue, with some amazing layouts that added a lot of depth to the issue. On top of that the artists showed the character emotions perfectly, and especially on Vision which wouldn't have been easy due to her being a robot.

Now I have never read an Ultimate Comic that has featured the Vision, and only know the odd thing that I have read about her. Due to this I was sceptical whether I'd enjoy this issue as much due to this being my introduction to the character, but it would turn out to be the best thing about the comic, as it would be were the emotion and depth was focused. I especially enjoyed seeing her relationship with Falcon, and how throughout the issue she'd question just how humanised she has become. I also felt that Fialkov and the artists did a good job of showing Visions emotions, as showing emotion in a robot isn't an easy task, as it could easily seem a bit fake, whereas this felt very natural, adding a lot of depth to the issue.

We'd also get to see the world eater himself Galactus in this issue. Now I enjoyed seeing Galactus in the Hunger mini-series, and I also enjoyed his addition in this issue, and especially due to the fact that the focus was still mainly on Vision. I say this as with Galactus being the main threat in the event it is better to give a foreboding tone to him, creating more suspense and mystery. I also loved the interaction between Galactus and the Vision in this issue, as well as Vision's reaction to realising that this Galactus is much different than the Gah Lak Tus swarm that she's used to.

The issue would also do a great job of tying the two universes in as the Vision would see the differences between the heroes of the Ultimate Universe and the heroes of the 616 Universe. I personally really enjoyed this addition to the issue, as although overall it wouldn't do a great lot for the future of the story, it was nice to see the issue link both universes, especially considering this is a story that came out of a 616 story (Age of Ultron). I also enjoyed yet again seeing the differences between the characters of the two universes, and the reaction from Vision was once again very interesting.

Final Verdict

Although this wasn't a necessary prequel, it would still be a fantastic issue, having some brilliant emotion, and overall it sets up the main event perfectly. It would also have some amazing interactions, and would see the return of Ultimate Comics favourite Vision. Due to all this I'd highly recommend giving this issue a shot, but if your strapped for cash and want to get the main event it's not essential to get this.

Rating: 8/10

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