Friday 6 December 2013

Avengers #23 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

Infinity has been an amazing event so far and by far one of the best that Marvel has produced over the last few years, proving that they can still create great crossovers. The main tie-ins from Avengers and New Avengers have also been outstanding as well adding more depth to the story acting as brilliant companion chapters and I will be sad to finish this story.


As the Avengers near Earth Black Dwarf and his army on the Peak make things more difficult for them.


This was an amazing issue and a brilliant build-up to the final part of Infinity. Jonathan Hickman does a stellar job of continuing the Avengers journey back to Earth, as well as adding plenty of action and excitement at the same time. It is however not quite perfect as although it was very intense and suspenseful, the main Avengers members didn't have too big of a role in the action, with some of the newer members taking centre stage, and although this was nice the thing that I've loved about the Avengers side of Infinity has been seeing Captain America lead his army in battle. The issue would however have plenty of emotion and drama to it and has me excited to read the final part of Infinity.

The artwork on this issue was also outstanding and some of Leinil Francis Yu's best work on this series so far. The detail throughout his work was simply astonishing, with everything looking fantastic. The layout of Yu's art would also yet again impress me very much with it adding a lot of impact and depth to the issue, making the action sequences flow even smoother. Talking of action sequences Yu would also give us some of the most explosive Avengers action sequences in Infinity so far, with them being very intense. The only minor criticism I have on Yu's art is with the character emotion, as there wasn't a huge lot of it in this issue, though considering how awesome the rest of the art is, I don't have a problem with this.

This issue would start with Captain America and Iron Man (Tony Stark) having a discussion about Thanos' actions and where he currently is. Now I personally really enjoyed this sequence as it bridged the two sides of this event perfectly, also connecting the Avengers' current objective with the Illuminati's actions throughout the series perfectly. On top of this it was also nice to see Tony and Cap involved in the same sequence, as we've not had that for some time, and although Tony has been with the Illuminati during this event, he is still very much an Avenger.

We'd also get to see one of Thanos' Cull Obsidian in action during this issue with Black Dwarf fighting the Avengers on the Peak space station. Now Black Dwarf has overall been rather disappointing in this series, though this has turned out to add more suspense and tone, showing that just cause he's the biggest member of the Cull Obsidian, doesn't mean he's the best. The fight between the Avengers and Black Dwarf's army in this issue would also be very exciting, and would easily be one of the best things about this issue. The dialogue during the issue would also be very dramatic and when Gladiator got involved things would get even more exciting. On top of this it was nice to see the Guadians of the Galaxy have a cameo, tying in their events perfectly.

The overall set-up for In Infinity #6 would also be very interesting, as although Cap and the other heavy hitters from the Avengers wouldn't be involved in the action, their actions in this issue would still have a lot of impact on the event as a whole, with it adding a lot of tension and suspense. I also would loved the interaction between Cap and Captain Marvel and overall can't wait to see the Avengers and the Illuminati work together against Thanos in the finale of this event.

Final Verdict

An explosive end to the Avengers tie-ins for Infinity with this issue setting up the final part of the main event brilliantly. The excitement and intensity throughout this issue was simply outstanding and although there were a few minor details that lowered the quality of this issue, overall it was one of the best Avengers tie-ins in this event and I'd highly recommend this issue to anyone.

Rating: 9/10

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