Monday, 9 December 2013

The Walking Dead #117 Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Charlie Adlard

The Walking Dead has been one of the best series out over the last few years, and although it hasn't been quite as awesome recently, this current story is showing a lot of promise for that to change and with it being an anniversary story I really hope it does.


Negan interrogates Holly whilst Rick and his army plan their next move.


This was an amazing issue and the best in this storyline so far. Robert Kirkman has done a great job with the pacing of this twelve part story so far, as although it hasn't been top level excitement so far, it is setting things up nicely, with this instalment adding a lot more tension and suspense to the story. Kirkman would also as usual do a great job of showing the characteristics of the characters in this issue with them having their usual traits with Negan and Rick's characteristics in adding a lot more tone to this issue. There would also be some brilliant dialogue throughout this issue with some shocking developments as well, all of which make the story that much more interesting.

The artwork in this issue was once again outstanding with Charlie Adlard doing some of his best work yet. The detail in his art was particularly better, as although it has always been consistent, it felt much more smoother and deeper in this issue. I do however feel that this will be helped by the fact that Adlard is no longer doing his own inks, with Stefano Gaudiano taking over in that role. The layout of Adlard's art would also be astonishing adding a lot of depth as well as adding the perfect tone and atmosphere to the issue, helping it flow much smoother as well. On top of that Adlard would also show the emotion through the characters facial expressions brilliantly, with it adding much more tone and depth to the issue.

This issue would see Negan interrogate Holly, believing her to be Rick's partner, not believing that Holly's goal was simply revenge. Now I loved this development as it would show the mentality of Negan, as well as the courage and determination of Holly. On top of this I also enjoyed how Negan would continue to show himself as a man who seems to have violence as a last resort, acting as if he doesn't enjoy the pain he inflicts on Rick and his gang. I also found Holly's response to all this to be very interesting adding a lot more excitement to the issue.

As this is happening we'd see Rick worrying about Holly, believing that if it was him in their that he'd be safe. This sequence would add a lot of depth to the issue, making it much more natural and emotional, also adding some humanity to the story at the same time. I also loved the conversations that Rick would have with Jesus and other members of the group and how he must be strong in order to have any chance at saving Holly.

Negan's Saviors would also have a lot of work on their hands as due to Holly's actions in the last issue they'd be surrounded by zombies, having to try and clear them every now and then. This would add yet more excitement and intensity to the issue, as well as suspense and drama, also helping the overall tone. I however loved how it would yet again show Negan's mind set, and how although the Saviors have seemed pretty invulnerable, without a fence they are the same as anyone else.

Final Verdict

Although the story is still not quite at the high level that I'm hoping for, it is certainly starting to get nearer and it is only a matter of time before this story explodes into a phenomenal and exciting event. This issue itself however had plenty of drama and suspense, showing the characters nature and reaction to current events perfectly. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue as well as the story so far.

Rating: 8/10

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