Friday, 13 December 2013

Witchblade #171 Advance Review

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Laura Braga

Will Sarah survive from the deadly state she was left in at the end of the last issue? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:


Sara Pezzini violently ripped the Witchblade from her body and abandoned it. For Sara to begin her life anew, the Witchblade must find and bond with a new host. But not all who wield the Witchblade are worthy to bear the burden of the gauntlet.

Ron Marz returned triumphantly to Witchblade in the last issue with the brilliant Laura Braga joining as the series new artist. With this issue they continue from the suspenseful cliffhanger ending of the last issue, with Rooney worrying over Sarah’s condition.

Story wise however this issue wasn’t quite as good as the last, as although it was still a brilliant issue with plenty of drama and suspense, it wasn’t quite as exciting as the last issue, feeling more of a set-up for things to come. Ron Marz did however do a great job of continuing to show how Sarah got rid of the Witchblade, with the interaction between her and Magdalena being much more interesting in this issue. Besides that Marz would do a great job of showing the reaction to Sarah’s attack as well, as although it was disappointing to not see much of Sarah in the present, Rooney’s reaction as well as the involvement of a new character later on in the issue made it very intriguing.

The artwork from Laura Braga was once again outstanding and I’m glad that she’s been put together with Marz on this series, as her art really compliments Marz’ writing style. The detail and layout of Braga’s artwork was once again outstanding adding a lot of depth and tone to the issue. The best thing about Braga’s artwork however had to be the way she showed the characters emotions making the artwork feel more natural, with it helping the story to slow much smoother. Braga would also once again do a wonderful job with the sequences featuring the Witchblade, showing it’s powers perfectly as well as adding some excitement to the issue.

This was a brilliant continuation to the Borne Again story as although the pace has slowed down slightly, it is still very dramatic and suspenseful having me gripped for the future of this story and I‘d highly recommend this issue to anyone.

Rating: 8/10