Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #30

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: David Williams

I have been enjoying this storyline so far very much and have enjoyed seeing X-Force not having an easy time of things. Rick Remender has been doing a brilliant job on this series which in my opinion is the best series he's worked on (that I've read).


This issue sees Genesis on a road trip with Daken, Sabretooth, and Shadow King who are trying to anger him to find out what kind of power he has and to find out how easy it will be to turn him into Apocalypse. Meanwhile Kitty Pryde and Beast are wondering what they are going to do about the missing Genesis. This issue also shows some of Genesis earlier life with his "family".


This was a brilliant side story and although I was hoping to see the X-Fore back to fighting the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants it was nice to see a issue just focused on the Brotherhood and their plans for Genesis. Remender did a brilliant job in writing this issue and I loved how he handled the emotions of Genesis throughout this issue, as we have this young innocent boy who is very confused about his existence who also holds the power to destroy everything. I also liked how Remender wrote the Brotherhood in this issue and enjoyed seeing a more in-depth look into their goals and plans for Genesis.

The art on this issue is by David Williams and he's done a brilliant job of drawing all the characters throughout this issue but especially Genesis. The detail in his artwork is simply amazing and he shows the characters emotions and expressions perfectly. I especially enjoyed how he showed the emotion on Daken's face whilst he was talking to Genesis (pictured below) and you could easily see the seriousness in his eyes whilst also seeing something slightly sinister. The colours from Dean White throughout this issue were brilliant and I liked how he used different tones for certain settings. Like with both the Brotherhood and Genesis he kept the darker tones that this series has had throughout but the sequence at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning was a lot brighter.

I really enjoyed the sequences between Daken, Sabretooth and Genesis and enjoyed how Daken and Sabertooth were toying with Genesis. I liked how they would go from being friendly whilst trying to reasure him that he is better off with them one minute to being very cruel to him the next. I also loved how Daken showed some jealousy towards Genesis as he fells that Wolverine (Daken's father) has treated Genesis better than he treat him and done more for Genesis than he ever done for him. I also liked Sabretooths role in this and felt he was the best person to tag along with Daken on this trip as both him and Daken have similarities to Wolverine. Besides this Sabretooth has a brilliant ability to play with people and the best member of the Brotherhood to send a physical message to Genesis.

I also liked how the Shadow King was getting into Genesis' head throughout the issue making him relive memories of the time he spent with his parents and Uncle Cluster (Fantomex). The confusion on Genesis' face after Shadow King revealed that he was messing with his head was brilliant and I loved how Shadow King pointed out that there was no use trying to fight him as he's one of the most powerful telepath's in the world, and that he could easily make Genesis do anything he wanted.

Although the X-Force don't make an appearance in this issue it was nice to see Beast and Kitty make an appearance. I liked how they pointed out that Wolverine had no problem bringing Genesis to the school but was never around long enough to be here when he got kidnapped. I also loved how Kitty started to unravel the pieces coming to the conclusion that there might be a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants out there.

It was also nice to see the other members of the Brotherhood during this issue and although it was short it was very interesting. I liked how the members interact with each other showing their different traits and reasons for being in the Brotherhood. I also liked how Omega Black got to speak in this issue as in the issues The Omega Clan were fighting the X-Force it was Omega Red that did all the talking, with Omega Black and Omega White saying nothing. I also loved how Fantomex was hanging on the wall as a trophy and that Skinless Man takes great pride and joy at looking at it. Although I'm still slightly sad that he is dead with a storyline like this one it wouldn't be right if no one died and the villains have to have a moment of victory.

Final Verdict

This was a tremendous issue and one of the best side stories I have ever read. I would highly recommend it and am looking forward to finally seeing the clash between the X-Force and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in next issue.

Rating: 5/5