Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #31

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Phil Noto

This has been a brilliant story and the series overall has been amazing. Rick Remender knows how to write great series and this series shows that. I have liked his work on most things but I don't think there has been anything he's written that I've enjoyed reading quite as much as Uncanny X-Force.


This issue sees the X-Force returning to the present aiming to rescue Genesis before anything bad happens. Meanwhile the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who have Genesis are still tormenting the boy in hopes of turning him into Apocalypse.


This was an amazing issue and although the side stories in the last few issues were good I am happy to see the main story back on track. I like what Remender has been doing with this series, and I love how he has the ability to take characters and series you don't usually expect much from and turn them into something as good as the top comics out. I also love how he progresses a story making you think something has either happened or will happen whilst revealing the opposite. He even writes side stories brilliantly as the last few issues which swerved away form the main story were still very good and added something different and worthwhile to the main story.

I was very happy to see Phil Noto doing the art for this story again and although both David Williams and Julian Totino Tedesco's art are brilliant Noto's art is even better. The detail in Noto's art is just outstanding and whether it's characteristics, equipment or surroundings there doesn't appear to be any lack of detail throughout his work. The emotion he puts into the characters is also superb, and I feel that emotion and expression in character faces help to explain the characters thoughts without a thought bubble. My favourite panel from this issue was near the start of the book with the X-Force returning to the present (pictured below). The background in this picture along with the tremendous colours form Frank Martin Jr. are what truly make this picture astonishing, and although due to the size of the characters there isn't a lot of detail, it's still a brilliant piece of art.

I loved the way this issue starts and it makes me question if the involvement of Genesis will be what everyone thinks it will be or will he turn out to be good. I say this because this issue starts three hours in the future and Genesis is in his Apocalypse armour. This doesn't necessarily mean that he's turned bad, the could be put in a position where the only way he can help is by using the suit but I like what I'm sure others will do and assume that he's went bad. I have loved Genesis' overall involvement in this series and am happy to see that the series is ending in a similar way to how it started, and that it appears that no matter what X-Force do the coming of Apocalypse will be inevitable.

I also loved how Daken and Skinless Man tormented Genesis into thinking that his Uncle Cluster (Fantomex) was still alive, only to reveal that he's still dead. It's interesting to see the lengths that Daken will go to to bring the Apocalypse out in Genesis and it will be interesting to see how far he is willing to go. I also find it interesting that now Skinless Man has gotten what he wants, with Fantomex being dead he just appears to be having fun torturing people whether physically or mentally.

The interaction between Sabretooth and Daken during this issue was also brilliant and I loved how Sabretooth was telling him all the things his father (Wolverine) should have. It was also interesting to see a different side to Daken than we saw before his death as he appears to be slightly annoyed and upset that Wolverine had nothing to do with him. Although Daken has shown hints of this in the past most of the time it was pure hatred towards his father whilst this time he shows it more. I also liked how Sabretooth uses this to make Daken more angry at his father.

The relationship between Sabretooth and Mystique that is developing throughout this story is also interesting and although it was revealed that they were together during Wolverine: Back in Japan story but this issue has had more time to develop this relationship. It's an interesting relationship as they have both been killed by Wolverine in the past so hold a grudge towards him, plus they have both been in prior versions of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the past. It will also be interesting to see how long this relationship lasts as with both characters being very untrustworthy I would be surprised if this lasted long.

Final Verdict

A brilliant issue and I'm happy to see that the main story's back on track. I would highly recommend both this issue and the story so far and am extremely looking forward to seeing what Remender has in store for the X-Force next time out as he keeps adding a new surprise with each issue.

Rating: 5/5