Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #32

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Phil Noto

This story has been amazing and each issue makes me question more and more as to why I didn't catch up on this series sooner. This series does what no other X-series could and that's due to the X-Force being able to do what no X-Man could do otherwise. This series has brilliant stories, great action and brilliant character development and I hope I see a series has good as this elsewhere, especially when this one finishes.


This issue sees the X-Force heading to help Deadpool rescue Genesis, which leads to a huge fight between the X-Force and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Meanwhile AoA Nightcrawler confronts this universes version of his mother (Mystique), which leaves him with a hard decision to make.


This was an outstanding issue and this story has just kicked into a higher gear. Rick Remender continues to make this series better and better with each issue and I can't thank him enough. I love how he's managed to not only keep the reader wanting to read more with the end of each issue bit also manage to develop the characters at the same time, even if it's only slightly. This issue he has done an amazing job of once again giving each character time to shine whilst incorporating it into a brilliant team story. I've also liked how he's managed to reveal something new with each issue, progressing the story with it and keeping it exciting, which isn't easy, especially with a story this length (Avengers Vs. X-Men showed that).

The art from Phil Noto in this issue was once again amazing and am very happy that he has done the majority of the artwork throughout this story. He continues to draw some of the most visually stunning artwork with ton's of detail. I also love how he continues to add ton's of emotion to the characters, which this issue showed a lot of. I've also liked how he's dealt with all the different characters throughout this story, keeping them to character whilst adding something unique, and I truly think he is one of these artists that could get moved to any series and produce brilliant work. The colours throughout this issue were also brilliant and Frank Martin Jr. continues to do an amazing job and it's his and Dean White's colours throughout this series that make this series feel the way it does no matter what artist is working on pencils.

Deadpool was hilarious in this issue and I'm happy to see that Remender is continuing to use him more in this series as I thought he'd drop back into the sideline now that the X-Force is up against the Brotherhood. I just love how Remender writes Deadpool and I hope that at some point during his career he gets to write his solo series. Although most Deadpool fans will notice the lack of inner voices during this series, that's what I think makes Remenders take on Deadpool unique and at some points better than Daniel Way ongoing series version. The way Deadpool interacted with Genesis at the start of this issue was brilliant and I loved how it didn't matter what he said Genesis was still reluctant to trust him. It was also funny that during this Deadpool tried to rush him whilst speaking, and although Genesis is a child I don't think it would have helped treating him like one.

This issue also had a brilliant fight between Deadpool and various members of the Brotherhood. His fight between the AoA Blob was probably the best and I loved how he used AoA Blob to avoid The Omega Clan's attacks. Seeing Deadpool square of against Daken was something I was happy to see during this fight, and although this part of Deadpool's fight didn't last long we did get to see Daken's claws which were lovely drawn by Noto, and brilliantly coloured by White producing probably the best drawing of Daken's claws I've seen.

One of the things I've been most looking forward to seeing since picking up this series was a fight between Wolverine and Sabretoot. This issue produced a brilliant fight between the two, and the fight that the Sabretooth Reborn storyline in the Wolverine ongoing series should have. Okay, Wolverine and Sabretooth have had ton's of fights over the years and loads that were way better than this fight but this was still good and much better than the fight in Sabretooth Reborn. I also enjoyed that Remender didn't waste time getting Wolverine into the fight with Sabretooth and how Wolverine let the berserker out earlier giving more time to show the fight.

AoA Nightcrawler's encounter with this universes version of Mystique was also very interesting and I liked how E.V.A warned AoA Nightcrawler not to listen to her. I also liked the emotion between the two characters throughout this sequence and although Mystique is probably just using AoA Nightcrawler for her own gains, at certain points it's hard to tell whether she cares for Nightcrawler or not, whether it's the deceased version from this universe who was her son or the current version from another universe resembling her son.

Final Verdict

An amazing issue in a awesome series. This issue has taken this story up to the next level and I wouldn't want to leave the series now and miss what is sure to be an epic final few issues. I would highly recommend both this issue, this story and the entire series and hope that once this series finishes there is something just as good to fill it's spot.

Rating: 5/5