Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #33

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Phil Noto

I have really been enjoying this story and it has been one of the best I have read all year. Rick Remender has brilliant talent for writing great series, and you just need to look at this, Secret Avengers, Venom or Uncanny Avengers to notice that.


This issue sees Daken sitting down to have a conversation with his father Wolverine (who's tied up) about why he's never been there for him. Meanwhile Psylocke battles Shadow King, AoA Nightcrawler finally gets his hands on AoA Blob and Genesis is still confused about who to trust.


This was a brilliant issue and the best in the story so far. Remender continues to make this story better with each issue whilst easing someone who hasn't read the story from the start with most issues. I love how he writes all the different characters involved in this series whether it's a member of the X-Force or Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and like how he's managed to understand and write each character perfectly. I also enjoy how Remender drives a story and how he makes you think what he wants easily whilst slipping in a we surprise that makes you change your mind about what will happen next. I've also loved how Remender has managed to write all these characters as a team or individuals and how he's managed to

The art in this issue is amazing and Phil Noto has done a brilliant job producing some of the finest art I have seen in any series. The detail throughout Noto's artwork is simply astonishing and it doesn't matter what he's drawing which is nice. I also like the emotion Noto puts into the characters throughout his work which makes you understand what the character is feeling a lot more. I'm happy to see the emotion through Noto's artwork as I always like when an artist puts emotion into his work because you don't only feel the characters emotion but you feel the emotion the artist themselves have put into their work. Frank Martin Jr. has added some amazing colours to this issue which really help Noto's art stand out, and adds the tone that makes this series feel the way it does.

What I truly loved about this issue was how we got to see Daken and Wolverine try and sort out their troubles and talk about their relationship, or lack of one. One of the things I have loved the most about these two characters since Daken was introduced that it didn't seem to matter what Wolverine did Daken would always hate him and resent that he was never there for him. I have also liked how this story has seen Daken accept that he's upset that Wolverine was never around for him as although you could see it before he would never admit it and always said that he was better of without Wolverine.

The fight between AoA Nightcrawler and AoA Blob during this issue was amazing and the fight itself was one of the most unique fights I have ever seen even involving a shark at one point. Due to not getting the series after The Dark Angel Saga I haven't been able to follow the AoA Nightcrawler's character development, but whilst reading this story I've came to realise that AoA Blob killed his wife and that he has wanted revenge for it ever since. Because of this it was nice to see AoA Nightcrawler finally get his chance and although it wasn't necessarily right betraying his teammates at the end of the last issue you can kind of understand his reasoning for doing so.

The fight between Psylocke and Shadow King in the astral was very interesting and something very different for this series. I enjoyed the fight itself and it was different seeing Shadow King in his true form, which I haven't seen in a few years (mainly because besides this story I haven't read anything involving the character for years). I also like how Psylocke handled herself during this fight and how she showed Shadow King that she wasn't a pushover.

The lack of energy in Deadpool really showed in this issue and I was actually happy to see him involved less in this issue as he's taken a lot of damage over the last couple of issues, and how he's still alive now he's minus his healing factor is a mystery in itself. I have also found it interesting that Deadpool has became the person who's trying to advise Genesis that he can be anyone he choices to be and that he doesn't need to become Apocalypse. This was interesting as you wouldn't think of Deadpool has the first choice to advice anyone on life choice but he did a good job in this issue and due to the desperate nature of Genesis' decision we got to see a much more serious Deadpool this time.

Final Verdict

This was an amazing issue and with only another two left in the series I am looking forward to seeing how it concludes. I would highly recommend this issue, this story and the series and will miss it when it's finished.

Rating: 5/5