Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gotham TV Series Coming to Fox

Fox has landed the rights to make the upcoming TV series "Gotham" working with Warner Bros. TV and Mentalist creator Bruno Heller. It has been reported by Deadline that the TV series will supposedly centre  James Gordon also featuring some of Gotham's most notorious villains.

My Thoughts

I've always wanted to see a Batman related live action TV series come out, as although Batman himself should stay away from TV as due to being very successful in films over the last few years he should be kept for that. I do however feel that this is a very good concept for a Batman centred series, as although I personally have always felt that Nightwing should be made into a TV series, this concept intrigues me slightly more, and I hope that we also get to see some heroes along the way. I do however feel that this all rides now on who they get to play Gordon as if they get that wrong the series is sure to fail. I do however also hope that this doesn't turn into a CSI, flashy TV series and is more like of a sci-fi style detective show with a similar style to Fringe or X-Files, without being the exact same style though.