Thursday, 26 September 2013

Marvel Teases "Rad!" "Mindbubble" and "Corporate" as Part of All-New Marvel NOW!

Another two teasers have been released from Marvel for their All-New Marvel NOW! with a project written by Dan Slott teased as "Rad!" which will feature artwork from Michael Allred, and another written by Rick Remender teased as "Mindbubble" featuring artwork from Pascal Alixe and Nic Klein. Also like the previous teasers full details won't be released until the New York Comic Con.

My Thoughts

Now the "Mindbubble" teaser would appear to be a continuation of Remender's Captain America series, as during an interview with Newsarama he talked about a new character that he'd be introducing in his fourth arc of Captain America who will be named Dr. Mindbubble. I do however believe that the other teaser, "Rad!" will be a brand new series featuring the Silver Surfer, as with the lettering being in Silver, and Silver Surfers real name being Norrin Radd it's a no brainer.


Since I posted this Marvel has released yet another teaser this one teased as "Corporate" written by Peter David with artwork from Carmine Di Giandomenico and once againfull details won't be released until the New York Comic Con. 

My Thoughts

This one initially had me rather stumped, but after thinking it through realising it has to be an X-Men title due to being revealed at the All-New X-Men panel I came to the conclusion that it could be a revival of X-Corp. It could however also have something to do with CORTEX Incorporated who are mentioned in the Mighty Avengers #4 solicit. This CORTEX may refer to the X-Factor villain with the same name that was one of Madrox's dupes, as with the X-Factor series coming to an end it might be a brand new X-Factor series.

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