Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Marvel Teases "Trial" and "Judgement" as Part of All-New Marvel NOW!

Marvel are at it again with their teaser images, as with what they're calling the All-New Marvel NOW! about to kick off they've released two new projects that will be written by Brian Michael Bendis, one of which is teased as "Trial" and will feature artwork from Stuart Immonen, and the other which is teased as "Judgement" and having Sara Pichelli on artwork. Full details will however not be released until the New York Comic Con.

My Thoughts

The main question over these two teasers is whether they'll be brand new titles, or continuations of current series. Now the huge 1's behind each image would suggest that both are brand new series, yet at the same time given the fact that both Immonen and Pichelli work with Bendis on current series (All-New X-Men for Immonen, and Guardians of the Galaxy for Pichelli) it would also suggest that they may also be continuations. I personally believe that they will both be continuations, and have a pretty good idea on what "Trail" will be, believing that it will finally see the trial of Scott Summers in the All-New X-Men series. I also feel that "Judgement" could either be a continuation to Guardians of the Galaxy seeing the Galactic Council face the consequences of their recent actions in Infinity, or that Pichelli will be moving as permanent artist on Uncanny X-Men and that it'll be a counter story to "Trial", though the first one sounds more likely.

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