Thursday 12 September 2013

Justice League of America #7 Review

Writers: Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire
Artist: Doug Mahnke

Since this series started it has been very good, as although some issues haven't been spectacular, they have all been amazing, and very interesting. The Trinity War crossover event itself has also been very exciting, and although the first JLA part wasn't amazing, the story so far has been.


With the teams now being a mixture of all three groups, going in three different directions, one heads to look for Dr. Psycho, whilst another are at The House of Mystery, and the third are looking for Pandora's Box.


This was a brilliant issue, but nothing spectacular, feeling much like a filler, setting up the final part of the story. I did however feel that Geoff Johns, and Jeff Lemire did a great job of the writing on this issue, as despite the lack of much proper story development, there was plenty of suspense, and drama, as well as a little bit of action which was exciting, but at the same time nothing special. I have however found the interaction by these mixed teams to be very interesting, as although I never expected things to go this way, it has given for a very unique direction, with Johns, and Lemire doing a great job of building on that in this issue. The series has however once again not done much to help the quality of the story.

Doug Mahnke did a great job of the artwork, with his art on this issue being much better than it was last issue, feeling less crowded, or rushed, with the detail being much better. I also loved Mahnke's layouts, as it gave great tone, and depth to the story, making it feel more dynamic. Mahnke also drew the characters brilliantly, and especially Wonder Woman, as although she didn't appear much during this issue, Mahnke made her look amazing. The small bit of action during this issue was also amazing, being very explosive, with the artwork being very vibrant. The character emotions were also handled perfectly, as Mahnke did a great job of showing what the characters were feeling throughout the issue.

This issue would introduce Lex Luthor into the story, as whilst getting told that he may soon be a free man, he is more interested in the headline talking about how Superman killer Dr. Light. Now I initially questioned the sudden appearance of Luthor, but thinking forward to the upcoming Forever Evil story arc, it would make sense for him to have a role in this story seems it'll play into Forever Evil, which Luthor will be a key character in. Besides that I loved how he was used, as although it was nothing special, it was very interesting, and believable, and I look forward to seeing what role, if any that he'll have in the remainder of this story.

Whilst this was happening the Justice League team that sided with Superman were heading to Pittsburgh, where they would find Dr. Psycho, the man they believed caused Superman to kill Sr. Light. Now I don't know a lot about Dr. Psycho, bar the fact that he's usually a Wonder Woman villain, but I was interested to see him in this issue. I did however feel that his presence was just a stepping stone for the JL, as although the sequence he was in was dramatic, and interesting, it didn't really do much for the development of the story, revealing to the JL something that the reader already knew, which could have easily been told over a couple of pages.

The Justice League team that stayed with Steve Trevor where at the House of Mystery during this issue, trying to work out what the Phantom Stranger did to Batman, Katana, and Deadman in The Phantom Stranger #11. I found it nice how the issue easily moved round the events of Phantom Stranger, meaning that people who missed it wouldn't be too confused. I did however also feel that this was another unnecessary sequence, as although there needed to be clarification as to whether these characters would return, it could have also been done quicker. The sequence itself was however still very entertaining, with some interesting dialogue.

Final Verdict

This was a good issue, but probably the worst in the story so far. It had some interesting points, also having some brilliant drama, and suspense, but overall it didn't too much to develop the story, and felt like a filler issue, with the sole purpose of setting up the final two issues in the story. I would however still recommend it, but only to people considering getting the entire story, or who have been getting the story so far, as it's a good continuation, but would be too confusing on it's own.

Rating: 8/10

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