Friday, 27 September 2013

Marvel Teases "The End!" and "Global" as Part of All-New Marvel NOW!

Marvel released yet another two teasers today for their All-New Marvel NOW! with another project written by Dan Slott teased as "The End" featuring artwork from Giuseppe Camuncoli, and a project written by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer teased as "Global" featuring artwork from Stefano Caselli. Also like the previous teasers full details won't be released until the New York Comic Con.

My Thoughts

Both of these seem rather obvious to me. The first teaser, "The End" has to be Spider-Man related as besides the fact that further details will be revealed at the Superior Spider-Man panel at New York Comic Con, Camuncoli has been a long time artist on the series even prior to it changing to Superior Spider-Man. I personally believe it will see the last stand of Otto Octavius as Spider-Man, and given the fact the teaser is in purple I believe it will be at the hands of the Green Goblin as with the build-up in recent months it is going to happen so why not then. The other teaser, " Global" has to be a continuation of the Avengers seeing them get a new team which will have members from around the globe.

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