Friday, 27 September 2013

New She-Hulk Series Out in February

Following all the mysterious teasers that Marvel have been giving recently they have since went out and revealed a new series that will be written by Charles Soule, seeing She-Hulk once again get her own solo series. The series will be released in February and will also see artwork form Javier Pulido.

Soule would tell USA Today that, "She-Hulk has always been a title where weird, cool things can happen. She is a strong — very strong — female character, and comics absolutely cannot have too many of those. There's no reason Jennifer Walters can't be iconic, and we're going to do what we can to make that happen."

Pulido added that, "Yes, she's Hulk's cousin, but she's also gorgeous. That's a very important part of the character, and I plan to keep it. When she comes into a room, her presence calls for the attention of everyone there, not just for her skin's color. She has that kind of magnetism around her."

My Thoughts

I am really excited about this series, as Soule has been doing some brilliant work as of late, and She-Hulk is an amazing character. I also hope that we get to see a bit more lawyering from Jen than we usually get, as given the fact that Soule is also a lawyer it should be quite natural for him to write. I also would love to see another lawyer bar Matt Murdock going about the Marvel Universe, as although she's always stated as one, we very rarely see her as one. I also think that the series should keep Hulk away for at least the first year, but that he should eventually have a cameo appearance.

For the full USA Today article click here.