Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Avengers #9 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Now I haven't been reviewing this series, but due to the Infinity event I have decided to review this series, as well as the Avengers throughout the Infinity event, which so far has not disappointed.


As the Avengers are preparing for an invasion Thanos sends members of his Black Order to find the sole remaining Infinity Gem.


This was an amazing issue, and easily the best this series has produced so far. Much like Avengers #18 Jonathan Hickman has managed to continue from the events of Infinity #1 perfectly, though this time round he's also managed to have that work in with the series events as well. The fact that the Illuminati didn't have a huge role in Infinity #1 probably helped as well, but the way that this series, and the Avengers compliment each other the now is simply wonderful. Besides that Hickman managed to add a lot of tone, and drama to this issue, as well as suspense, and excitement. The dialogue was also outstanding, adding depth, as well as atmosphere.

The art in this issue was also outstanding, and Mike Deodato, Jr. did an amazing job. The detail in Deodato Jr.'s artwork was simply brilliant, as everything looked perfect. The layout was also fantastic, adding a lot of depth, and tone to the issue, being very dynamic as well. I also loved how Deodato Jr. drew all the characters, with the only small exception being Thanos, who didn't look as awe-inspiring as he should do. The action was also handled perfectly, and I loved how much detail was in the artwork, with the excitement, and explosiveness of the sequence really standing out. I also loved the backgrounds in this issue, as along with all the action it added to the depth of the issue, also adding atmosphere.

This issue started with Thanos talking with his Black Order about holders of the Infinity Gems, and how all but one have been destroyed. I found this really interesting, and it also really excited me, as having anticipated the Infinity Gems having an involvement in Infinity, with it most likely happening in this series I was happy that it was the case. I also loved seeing Thanos again, as following his appearance in the first issue of Infinity I was really excited to find out more about his role in the event.

The Avengers learned in Infinity #1 that the Builders were heading to Earth, and Iron Man got the job of staying behind in case Captain America's team failed. Iron Man doesn't appear to have put a team together, as although he's working with Mr. Fantastic of the Illuminati, all the other members appear to be in their regular locations outside the team. Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic however are prepared for an invasion, and are fighting it. I personally loved this, and enjoyed seeing the high tech setting for this sequence. I also loved the interaction between Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic as well, as it was extremely interesting. I did however question who the invaders were, as although the Builders are the logical suspects, the issue also made it look like it may have been Thanos' army.

Whilst all this was happening Thanos' Black Order targeted Black Panther, Namor, Doctor Strange, and Beast individually, trying to find the location of the remaining Infinity Gem. This was an awesome collection of sequences, and I loved seeing how each character reacted to this treat differently. I especially loved the fight between Black Panther, and Black Dwarf, as well as the fight between Corvus Glaive, and Supergiant against the X-Men, though I did feel that Wolverine was focused on more than Beast in the later sequence, which it shouldn't have done.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue, and a terrific tie-in. Being the best issue that this series has produced so far this issue was everything from exciting, to dramatic, also being suspenseful as well. There was also great action as well, which was very explosive. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue, and can't wait for issue two of Infinity.

Rating: 9/10