Saturday 26 October 2013

Mighty Avengers #2 Review

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Greg Land

This series started well, as although the opening issue wasn't outstanding it did a good job of kicking things off, as well as doing a decent job of fitting the series in with the Infinity event. I do however expect the series to improve though, and will be disappointed if it doesn't.


As the newly formed Mighty Avengers fight Proxima Midnight, Blue Marvel learns of a Level 7 attack, and Ebony Maw tries to corrupt Doctor Strange.


This was a brilliant issue and a fantastic continuation from the first. Al Ewing did a great job of continuing the high pace that he added near the end of the first issue, whilst also adding some other development points and characters to the series at the same time. I did however question whether it was crucial to start this series during Infinity, as although it's been very fun and entertaining so far, it hasn't really done much for the event, expanding slightly on a earlier development of the main series. I did however enjoy how Ewing had the public helping, and overall he made this a very fun issue, and I'm sure he'll do an even better job once Infinity is finished.

The artwork on this issue was once again brilliant, and didn't have as many of the classic annoying trademarks that Greg Land is known for, with there being very few glamorous women, and little opportunity for awkward smiles. There was however still the odd awkward facial expression, with Blue Marvel showing a couple near the start of the issue. Land's layouts were however once again outstanding, and especially once the action  sequence kicked back in, adding a lot of depth whilst also being dynamic, and overall helped the story to flow very smoothly and naturally. The inks from Jay Leisten and colours from Frank D'Armata were also brilliant making the final product look even more crisper and vibrant.

This issue would start with Ebony Maw continuing to work his way into Doctor Strange's subconscious. I initially questioned the necessity of this sequence, as it only appeared to be repeating something that happened in New Avengers #9. It did however become apparent why this was added later on in the issue, though even then I questioned whether it was truly necessary. I will however say that it is nice to see another connection to Infinity, and if Ewing handles this set-up properly in the next issue it will be a brilliant addition to the story.

This issue would also introduce a new character to the series in the form of Blue Marvel. Now I know very little about Blue Marvel so don't know whether his addition to the team will be a good thing or not. I have however enjoyed that Ewing has added a few lesser used characters to the team, as it allows them to get more notice. In this issue however I especially enjoyed the interaction that Blue Marvel would have with the Watcher, as although it slowed the issue down, it would allow Blue Marvel as a character to be introduced nicely into the series. On top of that it's always interesting to see the Watcher as you know that there's possibly something spectacular about to happen.

The bulk of this issue however would continue the fight between this newly formed Avengers team (Luke Cage, Superior Spider-Man, Spectrum, and a mysterious man in a Spider-Man suit) fighting Proxima Midnight. Now this was easily the best sequence in the issue, and was what made it so exciting. The explosive nature of it was simply brilliant, as was the shocking developments. The best part however would come when it looked like the Avengers were beat, and the public rallied them on, as this would just go to show how much the Avengers mean to the public.

Final Verdict

This was a fantastic issue and a great continuation from the first issue. It continues the amazing action brilliantly, adding a new character to the series as well. It was also very dramatic at times, and had some amazing dialogue. Crossover wise however it felt a little unnecessary, as although the story was very fun it didn't add anything new to the event itself. Due to all this I'd recommend this issue, but due to it not being that important crossover wise I'd only recommend to people who have a wider budget, or spare cash.

Rating: 8/10

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