Friday 1 November 2013

Infinity #5 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Jerome Opeña & Dustin Weaver

So far Infinity has been an amazing event, and easily one of the best that Marvel has produced in a while. It has especially been brilliant in the last couple of issues, having some phenomenal moments, and if Jonathan Hickman keeps this quality up it could become one of the best events ever.


The Avengers continue to save world after world from the Builders whilst Thanos tries to make the Illuminati's Antimatter Projection Systems work.


This was a brilliant issue and although it wasn't quite as good as the last couple of issues, it was still a fantastic issue and did a fantastic job of setting up the conclusion. Now it isn't a terrible thing that Jonathan Hickman has slowed the pace down in this issue, as after all the explosive events in the last couple of issues it needed to slow down slightly, and with this being the penultimate issue it is better to do all the building up in this issue, leaving more room for excitement in the conclusion. Besides this however Hickman would also manage to add a lot of drama and suspense, as although the transition between sequences wasn't quite as smooth as it's been up till now, it wouldn't hurt the quality of the issue that much.

The art on this issue was also amazing, as although it wasn't quite as good as it has been up till now, it was still brilliant, and Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver did a tremendous job. I did however feel that the detail in this issue wasn't as good as it has been up till now, as although the detail was brilliant throughout most of the issue, there were quite a few imperfections, which is something that we haven't seen too much from Opeña and Weaver so far. The layouts were however once again outstanding, adding a lot of depth and tone to the issue. The small bit of action and character emotion would also be fantastic, with one sequence featuring the Hulk smashing being truly phenomenal.

This issue would start by showing the aftermath of Infinity #4 and Avengers #21 with the Avengers wiping out any remaining Builders, making many Avengers Worlds. Now this wouldn't do much for the story as a whole, setting up the Avengers return to Earth. It was however still very entertaining and interesting, and I found the interaction between Thor and Captain America to be very entertaining. The conversation between Cap and Oracle was also very interesting, and I loved Cap's shock to the appreciation of the planets they're saving.

We'd also get to see the first encounter between Thane and a member of the Cull Obsidian as Ebony Maw would find Thane in this issue. Now I won't go into much detail about this sequence as the major development during it was extremely interesting, even if it was also mainly set-up work. The interaction between Thane and Ebony Maw however was very interesting, and I especially enjoyed the emotion on Thane when he realises that he's a killer just like his father (even though he didn't mean to). 

Thanos would also have an impact on this issue, with him and his Cull Obsidian trying to get the Antimatter Projection Systems to work. This would be the continuation of a development that happened in New Avengers #11, and although this issue wouldn't see a lot of development happen, it would still be very interesting to read. I especially enjoyed how much intensity Thanos showed in this sequence, as although he wouldn't be as angry or intense as he was during his fight with Black Bolt, he would still show his disapproval of failure, expecting his Cull Obsidian to find the answer quicker than they are. I also loved seeing the malice in Thanos' facial expressions, as it would add a lot of depth to the sequence.

Final Verdict

This was yet another amazing issue in the Infinity crossover, as although it wasn't quite as good as the last couple of issues, being a bit slower, it did do a brilliant job of setting up the conclusion. The would also be some interesting developments, as well as some explosive artwork, and the issue as a whole has me very excited for the conclusion. Due to this I'd highly recommend this issue as although not quite as good as the last couple of issues it was still an amazing addition to the event.

Rating: 9/10

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